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Keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet?

Press Œ˜Œ¥^ (Command + Alt + Ctrl) to show shortcut tips in active project window.


Best practices?

There are some best practice articles, about “iCloud access”, “task structure”, “data safety” and etc.

Task is not visible on Gantt Chart?

  • Double click on Gantt chart, the task on the clicked line will be selected AND be moved to be visible in the Gantt chart.
  • Or select the task at outline view, the selected task will be moved to be visible if needed.

Can all the task groups be collapsed together?

‡§Œ¥Œ˜ †’ (Shift + Option + Command + Right) to expand all task groups

‡§Œ¥Œ˜ † (Shift + Option + Command + Left) to collapse all task groups

Where to edit project members?

Click the project name on the toolbar to edit project properties include project members.

How to change project start date?

Right click at the timeline (at top of Gantt chart), or click the project name on the toolbar to edit project properties include project start date.

Project template?

Every project file can be a template – please just copy the file to a new file, then open the new file and to change the project start date (click on the project name on toolbar, then to change project start date) 

How to import from MS project file (in xml format), Mind Map (opml file), WBS file

Openning the file with QuickPlan will convert as a project, for example to open the MS project xml file


The practice to BACKUP?

See the best practice about data safety

Does QuickPlan support sync via iCloud?

Yes, learn more …

Will QuickPlan provide all the features of MS Project?


  • QuickPlan will balance the functionalities and user experience on the Mac devices, to be easy, intuitive and efficient.
  • Very less features of MS project be used by most of the planner, for the case if more features required, QuickPlan is flexible enough to integration with MS project, Mind Map, Excel and other apps.
  • QuickPlan will be enhanced based on the practices of experts and the feedbacks from the users, for most of the users to have the best practice to use a simple app for normal project.