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QuickPlan sets EASE and EFFICIENCY as the primary goals in originating your profession projects, plans, efforts, goal and life on the Mac device, which deliveries the most efficient planning practice to the users – It just feels right with a minimum of effort and learning.

Set your projects be better, with ease!

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Flexible task maintenance in outline, gantt chart and updating panels, with natural (mouse) gestures and well designed keyboard shortcuts – makes planning be easier, faster and more efficient

Outline panel maintains task properties as in a grid, with well designed keyboard shortcuts for cell navigation and editing.

Gantt chart delivery intuitive task matintenance practice by natural (mouse) gestures and keyboard shortcuts

Updating panel helps to maintain task properties in a property list


QuickPlan fine-tunes the best features of Microsoft Project Plan and repurposes them for the Mac device – without the complexity, with INTUITIVENESS and SIMPLICITY you know and love.


Exporting project as PDF, CSV and Image files with content and layout customization, for your better communication and presentation. Learn more


Save as MS Project file (in .xml format), and Open MS Project file (in .xml format) to import. Learn more


OPML file saving as / opening supports, to integrate the work process with Mind Map (iThoughts) and other OPML apps. Learn more

WBS (work breakdown structure) INTEGRATION

Saving as / Opening (mobilinked) WBS file, simplify the input/output in the project management process. Learn more

SYNC across iOS and Mac Devices

iCloud Drive supporting to sync project files across iOS and Mac devices. Learn more


Partial project creating for particular project member to only include related tasks, for better team sharing and tracking. Learn more


Today task list on menu bar for up to 10 projects.


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